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Basic handgun understanding and marksmanship

The beginner course consists of three parts.

- The classroom portion focusses on; how the most common handguns work and why they do what they do, Do's and don'ts of gun ownership, etiquette on and off the range.

- The range portion is a chance to fire multiple handguns while learning basic fundamentals and what works for each individual. This helps a person learn which handgun works best for them while learning basic marksmanship.

- The gun store. We will accompany those interested to the local gun store for the purchase of  handgun.

- This course entitles each student with an, up to, 10% discount on the purchase of a new handgun and 25% off of their CCW course. These discounts usually more than pay for the course itself.


-Qualify on the range in accordance with CCW requirements

-8 hr. in-class training 

-Final written examination for qualification for CCW paperwork

Requirements for concealed carry in NV, UT, & FL


Fundamentals and drawing from the holster

Advance your training on fundamentals, learn what holster works best for you, and work on drawing from the holster. This will consist of on-the-range training with drills that you can take home to constantly shape your marksmanship and draw-fire skills.

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