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noun - A member of the Las Vegas community that desires to help prepare others to defend themselves by providing a solid foundation of firearms training based on fact and real world knowledge. 



Livio served ten years in the U. S. Army as an infantryman specialized in combat operations and firearms training all over the world.

     In March of 2003, while stationed in Germany, Livio was deployed to Iraq. His company pushed from Kuwait to Baghdad in the initial invasion. From those experiences he learned that he wanted to become more specialized in his military career.

     After graduating in the top of his class in Army Sniper School, Livio was taken with his combat experience and put in charge of force on force, counter-sniper tactic exercises. This position gave him the opportunity to train,  snipers from around the armed services preparing to deploy overseas.

     Livio organized and managed many long distance shooting and intelligence gathering courses for many different companies. This, with his experience, and his scores from Sniper School got him the invitation to compete in the 9th Annual Top Sniper Competition before leaving the military.

     Since leaving the Armed Forces, Livio has worked with thousands of people, most of whom started without any prior contact with firearms, creating for them a familiarity with firearms that they have used with a new confidence to shoot many different firearms and maintain accuracy on target. 



     Brighton has spent the last three years working with inexperienced shooters at different gun ranges. An overwhelming majority of her clients have been first time shooters, many of whom had never seen a gun in person prior to meeting her, and gave each of them more accuracy, understanding, and comfort in dealing with firearms.

     Brighton has created a reputation amongst her peers in the gun industry as being able to work with a person who is terrified, asking to back out even, instilling her own confidence in them to shoot accurately, and finish with a smile.

     "Some people just have a way with teaching people and keeping someone's attention. Brighton seems to do that without even thinking about it."

                        - Porsha (Recent Student)



     Frank has ben a NRA Instructor for over 14 years helping hundreds of people with basic to advance handgun training, rifle drills, and teaching CCW courses for the last 9 years. 

     After acquiring a CCW through Frank, all his original students are renewed free of charge and are always welcome to call with whatever questions they might encounter. 

     Being well known in the Las Vegas firearms community. Frank's reputation as a very honest and caring person runs ahead of him in most places.


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